Having a Good Attitude

Everyday living is tough!  The news is sad, politicians are being cruel, co-workers are annoying, the list goes on.  I read a devotion the other day, I wanted to share it…

The richest life imaginable is awaking every morning with a sense of purpose, knowing God has something for us to do. He has people for us to reach, cheer for us to spread, smiles for us to share, tasks for us to tackle, and souls for us to influence. Knowing what we’re called to do is a greater blessing than striking it rich. Take each opportunity daily to do His good will, and you’ll be truly rich.~from today’s The Turning Point.

So, I read this each morning this week.  I was determined to smile, to know that the Lord is in me loving all I see today.  Still, I had this restlessness about me.  A bad attitude.  Then I came home and read this verse:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

I had drifted away from the Lord, thinking about what I could do to cheer others – to be the uplifter.  I am not the uplifter, the Lord is.  It is only in Him that i may find the inner peace to live a Christian life with a good attitude.

Do you have any tips for keeping close and resting in the Lord?

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Some great side effects of becoming a more mature Christian

 This post on facebook got me thinking, I know, scary, right?  The last year has been a healing then growing year for me.  Important changes are the ability to now give things to the Lord rather than worrying. (Dorsey, my daughter, helps me work on this daily!)  I do not need to be the center of attention, I have learned to listen more and speak less.  This was a hard one, yes, sis, I am learning!  I don’t yell at other drivers on the way to work and cannot remember the last time I flipped someone the bird.  I have learned to be content where I am with what I have.  This is a wonderful thing, I no longer house that evil green meanie-jealousy.  My dreams now are about how I might help someone or do something to cheer someone up.  In other words, it is not all about me anymore.

The effects above I have seen in other Christians.  The ones I never expected are wonderful!!  I want my home orderly.  I have always been a slob.  No nice way to put it.  In the last three months, I have gotten my home in order.  Take it out – put it up, not let it lie around for two weeks.  Dorsey, my daughter, stayed with me two summers ago.  She left her room a disaster, I just kept the door shut believing she would show up one day and dejunk it.  Well, this weekend, I did it.  I may now leave the door open – I have a two bedroom home again!

Another thing I have noticed is I think before I speak.  Is this encouraging, uplifting or is it judgemental?  I am truly surprised that I can not say something and not bust wide open!  Does that sound crazy?  Before, I had to express my opinion, judgemental or not.  Now, I give these thoughts to the Lord and it is done. 

These changes seem good to me.  I am a more content, happy person.  I do smile more and sleep better.   I enjoy talking with the Lord and studying His word.  The scriptures touch me in ways that did not happen before.  Thanks for letting me share!!






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How I was washed in the Holy Spirit…

This is a significant week for me-Thursday I will celebrate six years of sobriety.  Unbelievable!!  In August of 2006, I just got disgusted with my life, spending all my time at the bar, hangovers always.  So I quit drinking, quit going to the bar and became so very lonely.  No more bar friends, that is all I had in my life.  I began thinking about suicide.  At this point, I started going to church with my sister Laura, more for the dinner that followed at Ruby Tuesday’s than any reason.  After a couple of months, I was riding to work one morning, in the pouring rain, the rain stopped, everything froze in time, and a gentle voice behind me said “Jeannie, if you will walk with me you will live in peace forever.”  Then I felt a tinkle that went from the top of my head through my body to my feet-a warmness like I have never felt before or since.  Then, the rain started back and I was driving to work again.  Sounds unbelievable, but it happened just like that and my life changed forever.

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Welcome to my blog!

I would never believe that I would start a blog.  If you had told me ten years ago that I would be sober, living a Christian life, I would not have believed that either!

What my hope is to provide a place to talk about life, the day to day ups and downs and how the Holy Spirit may guide us through.  I have found the Scriptures are the best tool there is to cope with life and make it better.


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